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Santa Rosa, FL Lemon Law For When the Dealer Can't Fix It

Santa Rosa Lemon Law Attorney

What does a consumer do when that new car they just put a down payment on suddenly starts acting up and demanding to be taken into the mechanic? It’s possible that the car might have been a lemon from the start. Florida lemon laws are designed to give consumers a means of being made financially whole.

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Lemon laws in each state have their roots in a piece of 1975 legislation. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act mandated that product warranties be written in clear language, called for dispute resolution procedures to be put in place, and authorized the Federal Trade Commission to oversee implementation.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a broad bill that covers all products. Each individual state established their own laws, drawing from Magnuson-Moss principles, on how faulty vehicles would be handled.

The Lemon Law Process in Florida

A vehicle owner needs to take their car to a certified repair shop and get the problem looked at. There is a requirement under the law that a reasonable attempt be made to get the car fixed before declaring it a lemon. The general presumption is that three visits are required.

Even if these three trips to the repair shop prove fruitless, the Florida lemon law process is not yet complete. It’s now time for the consumer and their lemon law lawyer to write a letter to the manufacturer explaining the situation and to provide evidence of the failed repair effort.

The manufacturer has 10 business days to reply, and they are entitled to choose an auto repair shop to try fixing the vehicle. While the shop chosen is at the manufacturer’s discretion, it should be reasonably accessible for the consumer.

Once the manufacturer’s chosen mechanic has received the vehicle, they have another 10 working days to make the repairs. If this attempt doesn’t work, the car is a lemon.

How a Santa Rosa Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

Who decides whether a repair has been made? The terms of the warranty are the governing documentation, but whether a vehicle is conformable to those requirements might be a gray area. A lemon law lawyer is well-suited to advocate for the interests of the consumer.

We have devoted our entire practice to defending consumer rights and fighting for their interests, and we have over 30 years of experience. If you don’t get compensation back, we don’t send you a bill. You have to get either a refund or a replacement car for us to get paid.

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