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Used Cars Lemon Law - When the Dealer Can't Fix It

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Car problems are always frustrating, and that frustration can feel worse when it’s a vehicle that was just bought. Mississippi lemon laws exist to protect consumers from cars that don’t meet warranty standards. Does that apply to used cars? It depends on a number of factors.

The used car lemon law attorney at Wise PLLC can tell you if you have a case, and what’s needed to get a fair resolution.

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When Is a Used Car a Lemon?

It’s possible that a used car might qualify under lemon laws, but there are certain conditions that must be in effect. Namely, there must be a warranty that was sold with the car, and that warranty must still be in effect.

The same goes for a leased vehicle — if the lease came with an active warranty, then the basic prerequisites for filing a lemon law claim can apply.

That’s the basic rule, and the average car warranty only lasts three to five years. But there are exceptions to the rule, where lemon law might apply when the warranty is expired.

Exceptions to the Rule

Let’s say the dealer the used car was bought from made the vehicle more attractive by putting a new set of tires on. Maybe the change was installing a new engine or transmission. If the new parts are what failed to meet warranty standards, then lemon laws might apply, even if the car is 10 years old.

Another way a buyer might have a lemon law claim is if the problem is something that began while the warranty was still in effect. Let’s say the issue was in the engine. The owner has the car history report on hand and knows that this is a problem that the previous owner also dealt with.

When we have health issues, insurance companies declare them to be “pre-existing conditions” and adjust how our medical or life insurance policies will be impacted if that condition appears again. Under lemon laws, the pre-existing condition concept can be used in favor of the consumer — if an issue started when a car was under warranty, the owner might get relief if the problem appears after the warranty expiration.

It’s not uncommon for used cars to already be beyond the warranty stage. There may be other avenues of legal relief depending on what happened during the sales negotiation. If fraudulent misrepresentation of a vehicle’s condition can be proven, the buyer certainly can make a case for compensation, but it must be noted that this is different from the relief sought under Mississippi lemon laws.

Wise PLLC can lead you through the lemon law process, from understanding if there’s a claim to be made to fighting for the fair and just compensation you deserve. When we take on a case, we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Furthermore, attorney fees are typically included in a standard lemon law settlement. You’ve got little to lose and much to gain by reaching out and asking for help.

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