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The Lemon Law Process For When the Dealer Can't Fix It

The Lemon Law Process

Buying a car can bring a feeling of excitement. But what if, after the happy day of the purchase, things start going wrong? Does the driver have a lemon on their hands? If so, what can be done about it?

Wise PLLC has 30 years of experience helping clients navigate the lemon law process. From our Jackson office, we serve the counties of Harrison, Hancock, and Jackson.

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How Do You Know if Your Car Is a Lemon?

There are two issues that will determine if a car is covered by Mississippi lemon law.

The first is the nature of the problem. Is this a substantial nonconformity? A nonconformity is generally described as something that reduces a car’s value or the driver’s ability to use it safely.

The second question is whether or not this specific nonconformity is covered by a warranty.

There can be exceptions to this rule–for example, if the brakes don’t work within a week of taking the car off the lot, it may be determined that the car is covered under what’s called an implied warranty — the right of every consumer to purchase a product that does what a reasonable person would expect it to do. But problems that are less obvious will likely need to be covered under the express warranty.

One way or another, the car must be under warranty in order to be covered by Mississippi lemon law.

The Dealer Has a Reasonable Chance to Repair

Lemon law is structured to encourage the dealer and the buyer to solve the problem outside of the judicial system. It’s better for everyone — the driver just wants their car to work, the dealer wants to keep their good reputation, and the courts have no shortage of cases to deal with. So, Mississippi law mandates that dealers be given a reasonable chance to make the necessary repairs before the buyer can file a lemon law claim.

What constitutes a reasonable chance to repair? The general rule is that a dealer be given three opportunities to repair a vehicle. If the car still isn’t working, then it’s safe to say the vehicle is a lemon.

The three chances rule is not all-encompassing. To return to the brake failure example, the state of Mississippi is not going to make drivers risk their lives three different times. In a circumstance like this, one shot at repairing might be sufficient to satisfy lemon law standards. The language reasonable chance is used to allow legal flexibility in applying the law to the many situations that can arise.

The fact that the law is ambiguous means the consumer can benefit from having a lemon law attorney in their corner. Maybe the driver feels that the problem the car suffers from is far too risky to keep going back for repairs three times over. The dealer feels otherwise. Who’s right?

Courts or arbitrators have to decide who’s right. The dealer will have a built-in advantage — they deal with these cases and claims as a regular part of doing business and know how to advocate for their interests. They have legal counsel at their side. A lemon law attorney, one who has seen their own share of disputes like this, is the consumer’s way of leveling the playing field and giving themselves a fighting chance at a fair settlement.

Wise PLLC has over 30 years of experience fighting for consumers. No law firm can ever guarantee a client any type of result, but we believe in ourselves enough to say this — if we don’t get you some type of cash compensation for your lemon, you don’t pay us a cent. In fact, even if we do win, we collect our fees from the manufacturer as part of the settlement.

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