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Diesel Pickup Trucks Lemon Law - When the Dealer Can't Fix It

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Diesel pickup trucks have some great benefits. But what happens when a diesel pickup truck doesn’t work like it's supposed to? Depending on the circumstances, the owner may have legal recourse under Mississippi lemon laws. Wise PLLC has over 30 years of experience fighting for consumers.

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Determining if Your Truck is a Lemon

The overriding issue in all lemon law cases is simple: Is the vehicle under warranty? A truck can’t be a lemon unless it’s failed to meet warranty standards.

Furthermore, the warranty must be owned by the person who owns the diesel pickup. Was the truck in question bought used from a dealer or a private person? If so, the warranty needs to have been a part of the purchase for the new owner to qualify for relief under Mississippi lemon law.

Presuming the truck is under warranty and failing to meet standards, the owner can then work with a lawyer to send written notification to the manufacturer. The vehicle owner will be directed to a repair shop of the manufacturer’s choice to fix the problem. If the repair cannot be made in a reasonable amount of time, the truck is a lemon.

After the lemon law process has reached this point, the manufacturer is then obligated to either refund the price of the truck or provide a new truck of comparable value.

On paper, lemon law is straightforward. In the real world, it can be full of legal nuance and differing questions of value, such as:

  • Who decides when a truck’s original problems are so out of conformity with the norm that they fail to meet warranty requirements?
  • Who decides when a reasonable attempt to fix the truck’s problems has been made?
  • Who decides what the appropriate compensation value is?

These questions are settled either the dispute resolution process of the manufacturer or the Mississippi legal system. An attorney who has seen a large number of similar cases will have the practical experience and legal knowledge necessary to give the consumer a fighting chance.

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