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Common Vehicle Manufactures with Defects Lemon Law - When the Dealer Can't Fix It

Common Vehicle Manufacture Defects in Lemon Law

When a car fails to meet the standards laid out in its warranty, it can be called a “lemon.” The buyer of the car is then entitled to seek relief through the Mississippi lemon law process. There are some common vehicle manufacture defects that consistently arise.

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Reasons for Lemon Law Claims in Jackson, MS

Unintentional Acceleration

If a vehicle suddenly begins to move faster in spite of no action by the driver, it’s likely a warranty defect and potentially a sign that the car is a lemon.

Brake Failure

Few things are scarier than not being able to put the brakes on in a car. If this is a problem that happens when the car is still under warranty, and it can’t be repaired, it’s time to file a lemon law claim.

Fuel Line Defects

The problems a car owner has getting their car to start might have their source in a defect with the fuel line. If they were in an accident, the jarring might have caused the damage. But if there’s no other rational explanation, the car could be a lemon.

Air Conditioning Malfunction

We have hot and humid summers down here by the Gulf. Driving without air conditioning is miserable. If the AC doesn’t work and the car is under warranty, lemon laws will apply.

Cruise Control Malfunction

It might not be life-threatening like the brakes going out or misery-inducing like the AC not working, but if a car was bought with cruise control, it’s covered under the warranty. The buyer has the right to get what they paid for.

Engine Failure

A car isn't going anywhere if the engine isn’t working. A faulty engine can also be a serious fire hazard.

These are just a sampling of common vehicle defects. The specific problem being dealt with will impact how the lemon law process unfolds.

State law in Mississippi (as in most other states) requires that the dealer be given a reasonable chance to repair the problem before the law will mandate a refund or a replacement car. What’s reasonable in one case may not be in the other.

The standard definition of reasonable is that the dealer’s recommended repair shop gets three opportunities to get the vehicle up to snuff. For a cruise control malfunction, that definition of reasonable typically works. It’s undeniably aggravating for the owner to have to keep going back to the repair, but no one’s life is at risk.

A problem with the brakes, engine fires, steering system failure, or similar dangerous issues are quite different. No one wants to keep taking a car with these problems out on the road. There’s a possibility that just one chance at repair will be considered reasonable in these cases.

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