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None of us are under the illusion that our cars are a great financial investment. We know the reality that they depreciate by a fifth of their value the moment we take them off the lot. That said, we do put a lot of money into our vehicles. We expect — and depend on — them to function well. When they don’t, lemon law is on our side. The lemon lawyer at Wise PLLC have 30 years of experience in protecting the legal rights of consumers.

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Lemon Law Legislation

Lemon legislation is governed by two key laws. At the federal level, there is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The state of Mississippi subsequently passed the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act.

Mississippi’s Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act

This law outlines the rights and responsibilities for both car dealers and buyers, as well as setting up principles that can be used to resolve disputes. The State Legislature laid out the goal of ensuring that consumers who made good faith complaints against a warranty would be able to receive either a refund or a replacement vehicle.

Furthermore, the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act forbade car dealers from offering any type of contract that would remove the implied warranty.

In legal terms, the implied warranty is something that exists with the purchase and sale of any product, and it means that even if there’s not an official warranty, the product must be able to do what a reasonable person would expect it to do.

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How a Lemon Law Lawyer Can Help

To gain the full protections of lemon law, it’s important to follow the procedures that are laid out by the state. This means giving the dealer a reasonable chance to repair the problem. It may mean working with the manufacturer on any internal dispute resolution process they may have set up.

It’s a process that can be tedious, especially when dealing with something that you need in your day-to-day life. Your lemon law attorney is here to guide you through that process and watch out for your best interests.

Wise PLLC is a firm that has devoted itself exclusively to handling consumer protection issues. Manufacturers have no shortage of resources to fight their legal battles. We believe consumers deserve the same kind of single-minded focus.

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