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Escambia, FL Lemon Law For When the Dealer Can't Fix It

Escambia Lemon Law Attorney

A new car is a big investment, and it’s not uncommon for new buyers to feel very happy when they drive off the lot. The glow of a new purchase can quickly turn into frustration when car problems start popping up. The need for regular repair this early in the life of the vehicle might be a sign that the car was flawed from the outset. When that happens, Florida lemon law exists to provide consumers with protection.

Call an Escambia lemon law attorney from Wise PLLC when you have a problem with a car that’s protected by warranty. We have over 30 years of experience, and our firm is devoted exclusively to consumer protections.

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When Is a Car a Lemon in Florida?

Chapter 681 of the Florida state code outlines motor vehicle protections and the state’s lemon law.

The first presumption of any lemon law claim is that the car must be under warranty. If the vehicle was purchased used, there are very strict parameters under which it can be considered a lemon. The secondhand purchase must have been done within 24 months of the original owner buying the car new.

This is an important distinction between Florida and neighboring states. For example, in Mississippi, as long as the used car owner purchased the warranty with the vehicle and that warranty remains in effect, lemon law can apply.

Lemon law applies based on the state where the vehicle was purchased, not where the owner lives.

Presuming that the car was bought from a dealer in Escambia or elsewhere in Florida, there is a clear process that must be followed for it to be classified as a lemon.

The law requires that reasonable attempts be made to fix the car. The presumption in most cases is that three tries with a certified repair shop can meet the definition of “reasonable.” After that has been tried, it’s time for the owner of the car to send the manufacturer written notification.

This written notification amounts to one last chance for the manufacturer to get the car fixed. The manufacturer has 10 working days to choose a repair shop — one that is reasonably accessible to the consumer — to make the final attempt at repair. The mechanic gets another 10 working days to try and make the repairs. If it can’t be done, the vehicle is a lemon.

An Escambia lemon law attorney can provide consumers with valuable guidance through this process. The law requires that repairs make the car conformable to the standards outlined in the warranty. What’s conformable might end up a gray area and having an experienced legal advocate representing the consumer could be the difference in how the matter is eventually settled .

Compensation Under Florida Lemon Law

Once a car is deemed a lemon, Florida law calls for the consumer to be given either a refund or a vehicle of equivalent value. For refunds, it’s appropriate for the consumer to get compensation for the down payment, monthly payments made, expenses paid for registration, state fees, and the initial repair efforts. For determining the value of the car, a manufacturer is allowed to consider the mileage driven and adjust accordingly.

An Escambia lemon law attorney is here to help fight for your rights and see to it that you have strong advocacy during the lemon law process. Our rule is simple — if our clients don’t get money back, they don’t owe us anything. There’s little to lose and potentially much to gain by reaching out to Wise PLLC for help with lemon law.

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